Your humanity is the path of your Divinity.

This means that your entire life is a sacred path of becoming.

Every challenge is an opportunity.

Every challenging person is your teacher. 



What do you want to create?

You Can Create Anything

Each one of us has been given the power to create anything. The same amount of Creative Power is given freely and abundantly to everyone. Some people don't get more. Others don't get less. The difference in how effective we are at using our Creative Power comes from...

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Meet Cassandra Rae

Cassandra Rae

I judged, resisted, and criticized my Calling for years. I let fear, anger, and hurt feelings stop me from exploring my heart. I allowed conditioned beliefs to run the show instead of deciding for myself. Until 3 things happened that changed it all.

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What is your Calling?

3 Ways to Answer Your Calling

You have a Calling - a unique purpose for your life. It is no accident that you are who you are. This life that you're in - whether you love it or hate it - is the perfect catalyst for the expression of your unique purpose. In fact, all parts of you are...

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