Belonging, Uplifting, and Unleashing

Focusing on one’s presence really makes a huge difference. Well, I’m sure that Brene Brown mantra helped too! I went to my last Spring Retreat in ministerial training and I had so much fun.

Even more than that, I had a solid sense of belonging. I never felt weird or lonely or out of place. I have a group of friends that love and accept me. I felt welcomed and celebrated. I genuinely appreciated each person at the retreat – even those I don’t necessarily jive with. There was a deep sense of peace within me that I haven’t experienced at one of these retreats before. 

The old narrative of ‘I don’t belong’ is loosening its grip on me. This is a major breakthrough for me – one that I’ve been actively and intentionally working to heal. 

You see, I believe that belonging is a birthright. I also believe that it’s a critical element of spiritual community. It’s something I want to cultivate and nurture as a spiritual leader. So It’s something I need to cultivate and nurture within myself.

One of my favorite experiences was co-creating the Sunday service with my fellow graduates. We chose the theme Uplift: Spiritual Passion Unleashed and I helped to create the program:

Here are the four of us together:

Graduates from left to right: Tamara, Peggy, me, and Aikya

And here is a group photo of all of us:

Spring Retreat 2018 ~ School of Spiritual Leadership ~ Santa Rosa Campus

As I approach graduation and the completion of ministerial training, I am focusing more and more on who I am and how I want to show up. I’m not at all where I thought I would be at this stage in the process and that’s okay. I’m letting go of what I thought it would be and I’m embracing what it is. Because truly there is something bigger at play here and I choose to trust in it.

Journal prompts for you:

  • When do you feel a sense of belonging?
  • Who celebrates you?
  • Who really gets you?
  • What do you want to cultivate and nurture in your life?
  • How do you want to show up?

Posted by Cassandra Rae

Rev Cassandra Rae is an unlikely minister! She was raised fundamental Christian and spent her twenties being an angry atheist. She discovered the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) after enduring a medical crisis that moved her to heal more than just her body. She opened up her heart and began healing old wounds, which led her straight to the unconditional love of Spirit within her. Now she is a passionate speaker, teacher, and writer of an engaged spirituality that embraces our humanity, expands equity and inclusion, and realizes our power to co-create a world that works for everyone. She is a licensed minister with CSL, a certified professional coach, and holds degrees in business administration and transpersonal counseling psychology. She lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and the cutest Chihuahuas that ever licked your toes!