Connecting with the Wisdom of Your Soul

One of the things I’ve learned during these past couple of years is that connection changes everything:

Disagreements are resolved. Relationships are healed. New careers are chosen. Creativity is accelerated. Talents are discovered. New trajectories are forged. Fear is dissolved. 

All through a willingness to connect. 

You see, there is a loving presence, a spiritual magnificence, a creative genius at the center of everyone, at the center of you. Call it what you will. I call it your soul.

Your soul is guiding you. Are you listening? Are you following? Are you resisting?

The real catch here is that your soul doesn’t follow any sort of pre-determined, socially-accepted path. Have you ever noticed how the people who experience deep levels of joy, fulfillment, purpose, and peace have unique stories, surprising adventures, and even painful challenges and triumphs? 

So this is what I want to explore: 

How to connect with your soul, your clarity, your truth, your calling and also how to connect with one another in order to create healthy community.

I believe that connection changes everything. It has the power to change our society, our laws, our government, our churches, our schools, our culture. 

Would you like to join me? 

I hope so. I’m currently in the process of creating a new website with freebies for you. I will keep you updated through this email list and you can sign up here:

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If not, no worries and no pressure.

Either way, I am grateful for you and know that you are being clearly guided. Your soul knows and you have the wisdom and power to choose the highest and best for you.

Posted by Cassandra Rae

Rev Cassandra Rae is an unlikely minister! She was raised fundamental Christian and spent her twenties being an angry atheist. She discovered the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) after enduring a medical crisis that moved her to heal more than just her body. She opened up her heart and began healing old wounds, which led her straight to the unconditional love of Spirit within her. Now she is a passionate speaker, teacher, and writer of an engaged spirituality that embraces our humanity, expands equity and inclusion, and realizes our power to co-create a world that works for everyone. She is a licensed minister with CSL, a certified professional coach, and holds degrees in business administration and transpersonal counseling psychology. She lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and the cutest Chihuahuas that ever licked your toes!