Introducing Reverend Cassandra Rae!

I have been working toward this moment for more than 7 years! I received the call to ministry in Spring 2011. It was a circuitous route! I went to grad school and practitioner training before officially entering ministerial training in January 2016. And now I have graduated and become licensed with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Woohoo!

The last step of many, many requirements is a process called Immersion. You gather with other candidates for one last retreat before sitting for oral panels. Once you pass oral panels, then you are licensed as a minister.

During Immersion we all had to “Stand and Deliver.” We picked a quote at random from a selection of books, read it aloud, and immediately gave a 3 minute talk. Talk about intense! But, it was also rich with wisdom. Check out the messages: 

  • Don’t set aside important parts of yourself. Bring your whole self. ~ Rev Julie Lobato
  • Living from deep inside my soul there is no fear. ~ Rev Ami Papadopulo
  • The most important thing happening is inside of people…including you as the minister. ~ Rev Jane Burnette
  • There is a song you sing. It has always been there. It always is there. ~ Rev Linda Rengel
  • Reframing “I suffer from anxiety” to “I have a lot of energy and excitement!” I am surrounded and held by the Beloved. ~ Rev Nicole Von Atzinger
  • Everyone and everything is your teacher. ~ Me! Rev Cassandra Rae
  • Release the old pattern of listening to fix and embrace the new approach of listening to be present. ~ Rev Tom Pittman
  • You are a Creative Being and your thoughts are more powerful than you think. ~ Rev Theresa Slusher
  • Every second is fresh. ~ Rev Lyssa Bozeman
  • You aren’t doing this alone. ~ Rev Mary Ellen Cassey
  • My favorite name for God is Love. Touch love through spiritual practice. ~ Rev Kathy Mastrioanni
  • Your uniqueness is your value. ~ Rev Karin Lewis
  • Spirit needed my hands empty. ~ Rev Rosedale Jones
  • There is a Light at the center of all. Your spiritual community is wherever you are. ~ Rev Jennifer Wilde
  • Ministerial school is birthing spiritual ministry as me. ~ Rev Marie Kirkland
  • Why not now? ~ Rev Lynnea Nowicki

After each candidate successfully passed their panel, they would be introduced as Reverend so-and-so, walk through the archway, and be celebrated by their fellow candidates. Here is my introduction:

It was a monumental experience – one I am very proud of – and I look forward to this next chapter in my life!

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Rev Cassandra Rae is an unlikely minister! She was raised fundamental Christian and spent her twenties being an angry atheist. She discovered the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) after enduring a medical crisis that moved her to heal more than just her body. She opened up her heart and began healing old wounds, which led her straight to the unconditional love of Spirit within her. Now she is a passionate speaker, teacher, and writer of an engaged spirituality that embraces our humanity, expands equity and inclusion, and realizes our power to co-create a world that works for everyone. She is a licensed minister with CSL, a certified professional coach, and holds degrees in business administration and transpersonal counseling psychology. She lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and the cutest Chihuahuas that ever licked your toes!

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  1. Rev Theresa Slusher November 1, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    You are totally cool! And I love love love you!!!

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