Your humanity is the path of your divinity.


Spiritual Guidance & Support

Petals of Change

There is a spiritual solution to every problem. In a practitioner session with Cassandra Rae you will receive spiritual guidance and support as well as Affirmative Prayer (also called Spiritual Mind Treatment). The intention is to support a movement in consciousness that gently takes you from a state of fear, confusion, and doubt into a state of fulfillment, possibility, and the realization of your inherent wholeness. We use spiritual principles to unpack underlying (and often unconscious) limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones thereby establishing a new outcome and experience in your life.

This is about inner changes for outer results.

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Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP

Cassandra Rae

Cassandra Rae is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living and a ministerial student with the School for Spiritual Leadership. She is passionate about helping you experience your divinity through fully embracing your humanity. She knows that you are a powerfully, creative being worthy of love, acceptance, and success. She also knows that life, past experiences, and unexpressed emotions can stop you from living the life you are meant to live. But, it is her Calling to know the Truth of your being.

Cassandra's Education:
-- Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
-- Master's in Counseling Psychology
-- Bachelor's in Business Administration
-- Certified Professional Coach

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Our Healing Space

Sacred Healing Space

Cassandra Rae has created a sacred healing space at her personal residence in Southwest Portland. It's nestled among big, beautiful trees, a creek, and a small waterfall. It's very close to downtown Portland, Oregon and yet, feels like a retreat in the woods. She says, "I created this sacred healing space so that you can step out of the busy-ness of life and step into a safe, nurturing, and beautiful space where you can relax and rejuvenate. Spiritual work is challenging work. My hope is that this space nurtures your body, mind, and soul."

Cassandra Rae offers private, one-on-one sessions, classes and workshops.

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