Following the Intuitive Path

Dear Beloved One, Today is exactly one month since I arrived in British Columbia, Canada! My schedule has been mostly filled with tasks like finding a permanent place to live, importing our vehicles, finishing up the sale of our house in Portland, Oregon (we closed escrow this past Thursday!), and just being here. It’s been…

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Your Infinite Courage

I am so excited to announce that I am facilitating a workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia! It’s called Your Infinite Courage. Check it out: The fear is real. But, it doesn’t have to stop us. Join in the beauty and strength of community for a soul-nourishing workshop to fill your cup so that you can…

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From Doubt to Possibility

I’m finding it quite challenging to write today. You see, I like to write from a place of clarity and confidence. But, quite frankly not much is clear or confident over here! I’m in this in between space having finished ministerial training with the Centers for Spiritual Living and waiting to become licensed. I must…

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