From Angry Atheist to Aspiring Minister - Cassandra Rae's Story

From Angry Atheist to Aspiring Minister

Throughout my 20's I was a very angry atheist. I ridiculed people who believed in God. I would say with such disdain, "God only exists in the mind of the believer." Even though I didn't say it out loud, I was also saying, "And if you believe in God, you're crazy." Now I am a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and ministerial student with dreams of leading a church. How did this great shift occur? What happened to cause such a profound change of heart and mind?

It all started one Sunday afternoon when I was 30 years old and began to see flashing lights that wouldn't go away. After many, many doctor's appointments and tests, we discovered that I had a blood clot in my eye. We set out to look for the root cause - apparently a blood clot in the eye is most often a symptom for a very serious underlying condition - and yet, all the tests came back negative (which was positive!) and doctor's finally diagnosed it as a "medical fluke." Yes, that is a proper medical term!

I know now that it was my Calling seeking my attention. I had ignored the whispers of my soul for so long that it was now speaking as loud as it could through my body. It was saying, "Stop. Look inside your heart and mind. Find a new vision for your life." This is exactly what I did. For the first time in my life, I got to make my health and well-being my top priority. I began working with a chiropractor, a therapist, and a life coach. For six solid months all I did was personal development work and I fell in love with it.

Prior to this time I shunned nonfiction and now I was devouring self-help books as well as running discussion groups. I couldn't get enough of it. Of course, I was growing and evolving at an exponential rate. I loved it all so much I decided to become a life coach and entered a training program. This was quite a career transition for me. Before the eye awakening I was a tax accountant!

As a certified professional coach I opened up my own private practice and began working with clients. At this time, I still didn't believe in God. But, I was no longer angry. On the road to becoming a coach, I had done quite a bit of work processing the anger, healing old wounds, and reconnecting with my family of origin who had greatly impacted my sense of God and religion.

I found my new career so fulfilling, rewarding, and very, very hard. I was an awesome coach, but it didn't matter if no one knew about me. So I began to blog, write, and speak as a way to build my business. I had grown up in my family as "the smart, responsible one." My oldest sister was always "the creative one." And yet, here I was being creative for my business. I would sit in my office with my eyes closed and a piece of paper and pen in front of me. I would wait until ideas would come up that I would capture and write about. And I still didn't believe in God!

But, as you can already see, business development was spiritual development. It was through my business that I opened up to the possibility of a Divine Presence that wanted to create through me. As I delved deeper and deeper into my heart and what I wanted to create, I stumbled upon Love. I experienced Grace. I expressed Infinite Creativity. And it was amazing!

I reconnected with God who I redefined as Spirit and realized that I now wanted a spiritual community. I was headed back to church - what a surprise! I started out with Christianity - I really wanted the church of my childhood to be my church once again - but, I found that it no longer fit with my new experience and perspectives. This is when I found the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) and my life changed forever!

I found an inclusive, empowering, uplifting, and supportive community where I got to learn and grow as well as try on new ways of being. In short, I got to practice my most authentic and vulnerable self in a safe, accepting place. It was scary to change and be someone new (especially when my family of origin was telling me it's wrong) but with the support of the principles and the people of CSL I once again took on a new vision for my life!

Each twist and turn in my personal journey has revealed crucial information about how to connect with your Calling, create anything, live consciously, and embody equality - the very topics I write and teach about today. I could have never predicted that this is where I would be or who I've become, but It is my absolute pleasure to work with people from all sorts of religious backgrounds who want to understand their purpose, cultivate courage, harness their creative power, and let their soul blossom with joy and prosperity!

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