What Do You Want to Create?

You Can Create Anything

You have the power to create anything.

Each one of us has been given the power to create anything. The same amount of Creative Power is given freely and abundantly to everyone. Some people don't get more. Others don't get less. The difference in how effective we are at using our Creative Power comes from our own willingness to believe, to receive, and to give.

What were you told about yourself?

Each one of us grew up in a family, community, and national culture. These different levels of conditioning teach us different things about ourselves and we pick up beliefs that shape our view of the world as well as our place within it. For example, I was raised to believe that there were right religions and wrong ones. If someone chose the wrong one, then there were very bad consequences that would last for all eternity. This was scary and I really wanted to get it right. Even though I no longer believe in right/wrong religions I still struggle with the need for approval from authority figures.

You are your own authority.

Now I know that I get to decide what to believe, what's best for me, and what path to take no matter what anyone else thinks, says, or does. Even so, I still have a difficult time speaking my truth knowing that my mother in particular disagrees with me and thinks I am wrong. But, I'm also willing to believe that my truth is my truth for a reason and it's valid with or without her consent. Just like I'm willing to believe that I have access to all the Creative Power I want and need.

Are you willing to receive?

I've found that the single biggest barrier to exercising my Creative Power is my own sense of worthiness. A limited sense of self limits your power. I see it like this: imagine there is a gigantic storehouse of all that is possible. You have access to all of it, but you can only see that which you believe is possible and you can only reach that which you believe you're worthy of having. This is when you have to trust beyond your conditioning and circumstances. I ask you to be willing to believe you are worthy of receiving all you desire. Many, many forces came in to play to bring you into this body, this life, this family, this community, at this time. It was not a mistake. 

Are you willing to give?

Using your Creative Power requires you to give of yourself. You must be willing to say that thing, offer up that service, or sell that product. You must be willing to take a stand for what you know is true and right and just. You must be willing to share your vision of the world you want to live in. You must be willing to share yourself. This is where fear can ramp up: what if you fail? What if they reject you? What if you look or sound like a fool? But, the truth is you will never know until you give it a try. Even more, you might never feel fulfilled unless you go for it. And so I ask you:

What do you want to create?

Take some time to check in with your soul. Ask for guidance. Listen. And then take one brave baby step. It doesn't have to be big or public. There are many, many steps to take in order to align with your soul's Calling. Each one is valid and valuable. in fact, you usually can't take that big, scary step without taking small, easy steps along the way. Remember, you have the power to create anything. What's it going to be?