What Is Your Calling?

3 Ways to Answer Your Calling

You have a Calling - a unique purpose for your life.

It is no accident that you are who you are. This life that you're in - whether you love it or hate it - is the perfect catalyst for the expression of your unique purpose. In fact, all parts of you are in service to your Calling: your strengths and weaknesses, your personality, likes, and dislikes, your history, your skills and talents, and even your quirks. No, especially your quirks!

But, what is your Calling? And how do you answer it?

Your Calling comes from (1) your soul, (2) your peeps, and (3) your creative power.

Your soul is calling.

Your soul is the Infinite and Eternal part of your being. It was never born. It will never die. It can never be harmed. It does not need saving. It provides life to your body in a magical and mystical way. It is your connection to the Source of All There Is. Some call this Higher Power, Spirit, God, Universe, etc. I call it Spirit and mean it as the Divine Universal Presence that is the common denominator in all beings connecting everyone everywhere.

Your soul is Spirit within you and is always guiding you, offering you everything you need exactly when you need it. It is your Intuition and often speaks through that still, small voice. It does not require logic and will ask you to take steps that don't appear to make sense or that go against what others in your life might want for you. It also speaks through your energy guiding you toward what excites and delights you as well as guiding you away from what isn't calling to you.

Your peeps are calling.

There are specific people who will benefit from your presence, your gifts, and your message. They are asking you to put yourself out there so that they can connect with you and benefit from your skills, talents, and awesomeness. Your peeps might not know they are calling you forward, but they have an energetic synergy that resonates with your soul. In fact, as you answer your Calling you often move and inspire your peeps to answer theirs as well. You are both an integral part of each others process and journey. You don't have to go it alone. You will love connecting with your peeps and they will love connecting with you.

Your creative power is calling.

You are a powerfully creative being. You are calling people, experiences, opportunities, and things into your life all the time. You do so through your thoughts, beliefs, words, attitude, feelings, and actions. Your consciousness is creative. In fact, the same power that created the entire Universe is the same power that is flowing to you and through you at all times. You can consciously choose to use it by selecting what to think, believe, say, and do. These choices elicit feelings, which attract the same energy.

Answering your Calling isn't a one time thing.

In our goal-driven society, it's tempting to accomplish your Calling. But, alas, that's simply not how it works. Answering your Calling is a way of life. It's a decision you make every day, moment to moment. This is why this article is filed under the category "Connect With Your Calling." You are connected with your Calling when you are listening to and following the nudges of your soul. You are answering your Calling when you are connecting with like-minded people you love and adore. You are creating your Calling when you are consciously choosing your intentions.

None of this can happen if you're depleted.

Connecting with your Calling and consciously creating a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment takes energy. It requires you to take excellent care of you. This means taking enough rest, caring for your body, managing your finances, setting boundaries, and making fun a priority. Yes, it means that you must take care of ALL of you. Sound overwhelming? Well, remember that...

The next step is only one step.

Take a moment right now to check in with your soul. Ask, "What do I need to do to take care of me and answer my Calling?" Chances are you already know and your soul can help you prioritize. Start with one task. Focus on one thing. Let that be enough and when you are ready, ask your soul again. Sometimes when we've let a lot of things in our life build up - the laundry, the dishes, the bills, the time on Netflix - then, we need to do some clearing before we start hearing the deeper calling of our soul's nudges.

Simply start where you are.