Is this you?

Are you wanting to connect with other conscious folks but don't want traditional church?

Do you ever find that although your friends and family love you, they don't always get you or support you?

Would you like to help create a spiritual community that fosters authenticity, empowerment, adventure, and self-realization?

Conscious Living PDX is dedicated to your spiritual growth and personal transformation. We gather to connect, practice, learn, support, and inspire one another. We believe that your humanity is the path of your divinity and that there is a Loving Presence within you that guides you on your way. 

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Meet our leader

Cassandra Rae

Hi there, Cassandra Rae here. I grew up in church and loved it...until I became an adolescent and felt judged, shamed, and confused. As a young adult, I left the church and spent my 20's being an angry atheist. Then I had a medical crisis that changed everything. While I knowingly embarked on a journey of physical health and healing, I also unknowingly embarked on a spiritual journey of awakening...

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