Following the Intuitive Path

Dear Beloved One,

Today is exactly one month since I arrived in British Columbia, Canada! My schedule has been mostly filled with tasks like finding a permanent place to live, importing our vehicles, finishing up the sale of our house in Portland, Oregon (we closed escrow this past Thursday!), and just being here.

My Chihuahuas Angel and Gracie made the trip with me!

It’s been pretty overwhelming to move countries. And yet, in my soul I know this is right for my journey right now. I’m not going to lie, it can be hard to follow that Inner Knowing especially when the outer appearance doesn’t always make sense. I mean, it’s expensive to live in the Vancouver, BC area. My husband and I are downsizing from a 4 bedroom house on half an acre to a 2 bedroom condo in a 27-floor high rise building (who does that?!) The taxes and cost of living are much higher here.

But, money isn’t always the best indicator for making life decisions.

I’m not saying that money isn’t important – it is. In fact, moving here is motivating me to increase my consciousness around spending and budgeting. I am saying there are other vital factors to consider.

I’m reminded of a decision I made back in 2011. I was finishing up the prerequisites to enter practitioner training with the Centers for Spiritual Living. I’d had a particularly challenging experience with my 18-year old daughter and so I took an afternoon off for self-care. I went to the Land’s End Park in San Francisco, California to walk the labyrinth on the beach with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a very special place! During this walk, I received the call to ministry and the trajectory of my life took on a whole new direction. All of a sudden, practitioner training meant something different to me. It wasn’t the end of a 2-year journey; it was now the beginning of ministerial training.

Photo of Lands End Labyrinth by C N

So I decided to look at the other centers in my area to make sure that I trained at the best center for me. I’d never actually considered any other centers before. In this exploration, I found Rev Jane Beach. The very first time I heard her speak I knew she was my next teacher.

We shared a similar history of atheism. Although our stories were very different, I felt a deep resonance in how we both made the journey from atheism to the Centers for Spiritual Living.

I felt safe in her presence. I wanted to learn and grow with her and, more importantly, she inspired me to open up to deeper parts of myself and my heart. I respected her teaching style, her leadership, her ethics, and her wisdom. She had something I wanted even if I couldn’t quite articulate what at the time.

So I moved centers. And guess what? I could no longer go to practitioner training! Rev Jane wasn’t offering it. I knew I was being called into ministry and practitioner training was the next step in that process. But, I decided to put it all on hold in order to follow my Inner Knowing that Rev Jane was my next teacher.

I wasn’t letting go of my dream. I was just letting go of the path to that dream.

I didn’t choose the most direct or logical route (that would have been to stay at my previous center). I chose the intuitive path and it wasn’t until many years later that I could see why that “detour” was necessary. I learned things from Rev Jane that were key to my personal healing. Plus moving to her center put many other things into motion that were imperative to my development as a spiritual leader.

Fast forward eight years and here I am living in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia and I’m a licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living! While I don’t yet know exactly why I’ve been called to this area of the world, I do know that during my first visit to this area I felt that same resonance I felt with Rev Jane. There is a certain sensation that happens when my soul is nudging me in a particular direction. It takes courage to follow that soulful sensation (especially when logic and reason might be pointing in a different direction!)

Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia – our temporary housing is about 30 minutes from this gorgeous park!

So today on my one month anniversary of moving from the States to Canada, I acknowledge my willingness to follow Inner Knowing. I know this kind of commitment has unforeseen detours that take me to surprising places, but what I learn along the way always provides just what I need for the fulfillment of my soul’s purpose (and beautiful country too!)

Much Love,

Questions for Reflection:

  • How do you tune into your Inner Knowing?
  • What signs does your soul send you?
  • What unexpected journey have you taken that’s provided you with invaluable lessons?