Introducing Reverend Cassandra Rae!

I have been working toward this moment for more than 7 years! I received the call to ministry in Spring 2011. It was a circuitous route! I went to grad school and practitioner training before officially entering ministerial training in January 2016. And now I have graduated and become licensed with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Woohoo!

The last step of many, many requirements is a process called Immersion. You gather with other candidates for one last retreat before sitting for oral panels. Once you pass oral panels, then you are licensed as a minister.

During Immersion we all had to “Stand and Deliver.” We picked a quote at random from a selection of books, read it aloud, and immediately gave a 3 minute talk. Talk about intense! But, it was also rich with wisdom. Check out the messages: 

  • Don’t set aside important parts of yourself. Bring your whole self. ~ Rev Julie Lobato
  • Living from deep inside my soul there is no fear. ~ Rev Ami Papadopulo
  • The most important thing happening is inside of people…including you as the minister. ~ Rev Jane Burnette
  • There is a song you sing. It has always been there. It always is there. ~ Rev Linda Rengel
  • Reframing “I suffer from anxiety” to “I have a lot of energy and excitement!” I am surrounded and held by the Beloved. ~ Rev Nicole Von Atzinger
  • Everyone and everything is your teacher. ~ Me! Rev Cassandra Rae
  • Release the old pattern of listening to fix and embrace the new approach of listening to be present. ~ Rev Tom Pittman
  • You are a Creative Being and your thoughts are more powerful than you think. ~ Rev Theresa Slusher
  • Every second is fresh. ~ Rev Lyssa Bozeman
  • You aren’t doing this alone. ~ Rev Mary Ellen Cassey
  • My favorite name for God is Love. Touch love through spiritual practice. ~ Rev Kathy Mastrioanni
  • Your uniqueness is your value. ~ Rev Karin Lewis
  • Spirit needed my hands empty. ~ Rev Rosedale Jones
  • There is a Light at the center of all. Your spiritual community is wherever you are. ~ Rev Jennifer Wilde
  • Ministerial school is birthing spiritual ministry as me. ~ Rev Marie Kirkland
  • Why not now? ~ Rev Lynnea Nowicki

After each candidate successfully passed their panel, they would be introduced as Reverend so-and-so, walk through the archway, and be celebrated by their fellow candidates. Here is my introduction:

It was a monumental experience – one I am very proud of – and I look forward to this next chapter in my life!